Is it safe to have someone else manage my account?

Absolutely!  You will still retain full rights and ownership of your social media feeds, we will simply have admin privillages to post things on your behalf.  We will never require your passwords so that you always have control.

Is this the best way to spend part of my advertising budget?

While there are many factors to consider when making any marketing and advertising plans, we believe that improved visibility on social media is more often than not one of the most cost effective ways to invest with some of the highest ROI out of any advertising mediums.  Many marketing analysts rate organic social media engagement as the most effective form of advertising in the widest variety of industries.

What if I'm not happy or seeing the result I expected?

First off understand that organic growth takes time and is not a band-aid solution to generate more sales overnight.  This is a process that is intended to generate an overall awareness of your company, and build real followers who become loyal to your brand which doesn't happen overnight but you should start seeing more engagement within a very short amount of time.  If at any time your not happy with any aspect of the service we're providing, first and foremost reach out to your dedicated specialist and work together to adjust your plan or strategy.   

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