About Us


This company was created from a beautiful combination of passion and necessity. 

Angela is a former elementary school teacher with a passion for writing, empowering, and encouraging others to live out their purpose in life. A few years ago, she began researching social media marketing and fell in love with the concept. She would oftentimes find herself daydreaming of combining all of her passions into a business of her own during her lunch breaks at school. Little did she know that her dreams would become a reality so quickly, and now she can’t wait to help others do the same.

Tommy started his first business (a construction company) in his early twenties. When the economy crashed in 2008, he transitioned into the sales, and networking industry where he has remained for the past ten years. After hitting the top of his growth opportunities with his previous employer, he was faced with two choices: find another job, or start a business. He chose the latter.

With Angela’s love of writing, graphic creation, and relational skills, and Tommy’s experience in sales, marketing, and business management this husband and wife team is a dynamic duo.

Together they have five wonderful kids between the ages of three and fifteen. In the Summer months, they have often been sighted boating on the lakes in gorgeous Central Oregon. They both serve on the leadership team in their church, and Angela volunteers for a local nonprofit organization.

Looking to leverage your small business on social media? The team at Manski Media is ready to help .